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Trevor Bauer tagged for 9 ER, Reds crushed by Nationals 17-7

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That’s a sweep in the nation’s capital, and not the good kind.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Aristides Aquino homered again.

As our former fearless leader Joel Luckhaupt noted on Twitter, Aquino needed by far and away the fewest number of plate appearances of any player in MLB history to reach his 9th dinger, which is impressive as all hell.

The fact is, though, that the Cincinnati Reds were absolutely trounced by the Washington Nationals in this game, resulting in a series sweep, a 4th loss in a row, and the kind of emphatic beatdown of a team already on the fringe of relevance that effectivly slammed the door on any hope of a miracle playoff appearance this year.

Key Plays

  • Victor Robles has incredible speed, and he used that to get the Washington Nationals a run early in this one. Robles singled into CF to open the Bottom of the 3rd, swiped 2B, moved to 3B on a sac bunt by Stephen Strasburg, and scored on a sac fly into LF. Reds trailed, 1-0.
  • The Reds got that run back in the Top of the 4th, however, with some help from Strasburg himself. Suarez singled and moved up to 2B on a wild pitch, Josh VanMeter followed with a single of his own, and the Reds ended up with Suarez on 3B and Aristides Aquino on 1B after Aquino’s fielder’s choice. Aquino then moved up to 2B on another Strasburg wild pitch - replay review overturned the original out call - and Suarez later scored after the third strike that Jose Iglesias swung at (and missed) got by catcher Kurt Suzuki and trickled to the wall. Game tied, 1-1.
  • Washington regained the lead off Bauer in the Bottom of the 5th, however, as Strasburg himself poked a 1-out single into RF to drive in Suzuki in a bit of redemption for both following the Reds earlier run. Robles, who had doubled behind Suzuki, moved up to 3B on the play, which meant he was in prime position to score again on Trea Turner’s RBI single up the middle. The nail in the coffin came next, as Bauer left a meatball over the plate to Adam Eaton, who eated it all the way over the CF wall for a 3-run dinger. Anthony Rendon followed with a solo dinger to make it back to back jacks, but that hardly mattered at that point...
  • was still the Bottom of the 5th, mind you. With no off-days for over a week and a suspension-induced 24 man roster, David Bell left Bauer in for as long as he prudently could, and Bauer finally exited with a pair of runners on in favor of Sal Romano. Romano then served up a double to Asdrubal Cabrera that bounced out of the glove of Phil Ervin at the LF wall, that driving in run #8 for Washington. One more meatball later, and Suzuki’s 3-run blast made me have to get out a goddamm calculator to figure out that the Reds trailed, 11-1.
  • The middle-infield duo of Freddy Galvis and Jose Iglesias got the Reds a run back in the Top of the 6th, as Galvis poked a single into LF and scored on Iglesias’ double to the wall in LF. Tucker Barnhart then followed with a 2-run dinger, and the Reds trailed 11-4.
  • I left for the grocery. Picked up a nice little petite sirloin steak, the makings of a cobb salad, and some nice sweet corn on the cob. I’ll probably shuck the corn and wrap it in some salted butter & foil, eventually tossing it on the grill on medium heat alongside that sirloin. Should be pretty tasty. I glanced at my phone while in the grocery and saw that the Nationals had grown their lead to 15-4 with nobody out in the Bottom of the 6th and promptly made a detour to the beer aisle.
  • I generally try to keep it simple when it comes to steak, especially if it’s a pretty decent cut. A little rock salt and some cracked black pepper should do the trick. Make that 17-4.
  • Aristides Aquino homered again. 17-5.
  • Freddy Galvis homered. 17-7.
  • Fin.

Tony Graphanino

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • Trevor Bauer was tagged for 9 ER, the most he’s allowed in a start in his career.
  • The Reds will return home tonight, and on Thursday they’ll begin a four game series at GABP against the St. Louis Cardinals. I suppose it’s a big series still despite the fact that the slumping Reds have pretty well played themselves out of any and all 2019 playoff pipe dreams. I suppose.
  • Anyway, Michael Wacha and his career 12-1 record against the Reds will toe the rubber for St. Louis in the series opener, while Cincinnati will turn to Sonny Gray. First pitch is set for 7:10 PM ET.
  • Tunes.