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Cincinnati Reds add Freddy Galvis, option Brian O’Grady to AAA Louisville

The veteran switch-hitter is officially a Red.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox Ed Wolfstein-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced yesterday that the Cincinnati Reds had claimed veteran infielder Freddy Galvis from the Toronto Blue Jays, the second such multi-million dollar waiver claim the Reds have made in this new post-deadline world. Kevin Gausman, you’ll remember, was claimed from the Atlanta Braves earlier this month and has become a regular member of the revamped Reds bullpen.

Where Galvis fits remains to be seen, but the Reds officially placed him on the active roster today, optioning Brian O’Grady back to AAA Louisville to make room, as the team announced.

Galvis, of course, has played almost exclusively at shortstop in his career, but the Reds already have glove-wizard Jose Iglesias and utilityman Jose Peraza on the roster, so where Galvis will get his time remains to be seen. He does have 99 career games at 2B and 12 in the OF, and while that certainly doesn’t seem like what you’d call experience at those spots, his reputation as a plus defender at the most vital position on the infield paired with his above-average speed would suggest the Reds think he’s capable enough to play almost everywhere, something David Bell certainly employs as a strategy.

Galvis also profiles as a good bench bat for big spots against RHP, too, as his splits this year reflect. He’s hit 15 of his 18 dingers swinging from the left side of the plate in 2019, and has averaged 16 homers a year from both sides of the plate over his last 4 seasons. That should help fill the void vacated by Derek Dietrich while Dietrich is on the 10-day IL (or, in theory, should help fill the void vacated by Dietrich after his own brilliant May and major slump since then).

Galvis, of course, also has team control for the 2020 season should the Reds choose to pursue that, as he comes with a $5.5 million option. That’s a similar story to Gausman, too, as the Reds continue to make moves to bolster their slim chances in 2019 while also keeping a very keen eye on the 2020 roster options, too.

Welcome to the Reds, Freddy.