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Podcast: The Cincinnati Reds post-deadline wrap

Yapping our way through the July 31st moves of the Cincinnati Reds.

Omega personal stereo cassette player, c 1998. Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

Today, July 31st, marked the trade deadline for Major League Baseball teams to do their last bit of dirty work, and lone deadline after the rule alterations agreed to this past winter. And hooo boy, did the Cincinnati Reds make moves.

The Reds shipped out the likes of Yasiel Puig, top prospect Taylor Trammell, pitching prospect Scott Moss, Scooter Gennett, and Tanner Roark in the last 24 hours, in the process bringing in Trevor Bauer and...well, Trevor Bauer.

(They got more pieces, just none that move the short-term needle.)

Anyhoo, we decided to group together and yap about what the Reds did, what the didn’t do, and what we liked/disliked about the entirety of their work. You can listen to that here, or you can smash that big orange play button below this text if the Googles haven’t stripped out that html for you at this juncture.