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Pirates at Reds, Game 3 - Preview and Lineups

Oh boy!

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

These two teams beat the everloving hell out of one another last night. Not on the scoreboard - they literally brawled, with punches and tackles and finger-wagging, and the like.

As that was going on, the Cincinnati Reds also traded Yasiel Puig and Taylor Trammell in a 3-team deal including the San Diego Padres and Cleveland, one that landed them pitcher Trevor Bauer.

In other words, I wouldn’t blame you a single bit if you’ve got Reds fatigue and are just about ready for something else to do today.

If not, you can catch Luis Castillo on the mound today doing his thing, which he hopefully will this time around. First pitch is set for 12:35 PM ET, and who the hell knows what other kinds of fireworks we’ll see given that 4 PM ET today is the official MLB trade deadline.

Go Reds. Please do something endorsable soon.

Reds Lineup

Pirates Lineup