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Podcast: Trevor Bauer trade rumors become ‘Trevor Bauer - Cincinnati Reds pitcher’

A brawl, Trevor Bauer, and a farewell to Taylor Trammell.

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Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

We set out to record a routine pre-deadline podcast. It was nothing more complicated than that.

While recording, however, the Cincinnati Reds not only got in yet another newsworthy brawl with the Pittsburgh Pirates after their shenanigans, the Reds also engaged in a 3-team trade that had massive, massive ramifications for both the present and the future of the club.

As the dust settled, we assessed both the rumors that the Reds might acquire Cleveland starter Trevor Bauer, as well as what the Reds might do in other deals at the deadline. By the end of recording, however, we were presented with the breaking news of the actual deal that sent Bauer to the Reds, cost the Reds their top prospect in Taylor Trammell, and saw Cleveland net a haul from both Cincinnati and the San Diego Padres that made them come out looking incredibly rosy by most every single prospect evaluator involved.

Oh yeah - the Reds included Yasiel Puig in the deal, too, which just made this one of the more ill-fitting, unsatisfactory deals that I could possibly fathom. Don’t worry, you’ll absolutely hear that in the reactions from me, Tony, and Grimey.

Tune in, if you will. If you choose to tune out after this deal, however, I sure as hell wouldn’t blame you.

If Google hasn’t jobbed you out of the html link to our SoundCloud post below, you can find this latest episode by clicking here.