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Pirates at Reds, Game 1 - Preview and Lineups

The first game of a series where Clint Hurdle will probably have someone hit with a pitch.

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

“Big” is a relative term. In the grand scheme of the 2019 MLB season, this pending Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates series is not big, really. The likelihood that the Reds can rip off a 40-17 streak to finish the season and somehow, some way win the National League Central with just 86 wins is, shall we say, not good.

Still, there’s always a chance until there isn’t, and if the Reds are going to eschew selling at this trade deadline and make a run of things, beating up on the hapless Pirates at this juncture is absolutely paramount.

The Pirates have lost roughly a billion of their last billion games, and are currently without the services of several of their key players. If ever there was a time to take a trio of games and add them to the win column, it is right meow.

Sonny Gray will toe the rubber for the Reds in tonight’s series opener, and he’ll be opposed by Pittsburgh starter Jordan Lyles at GABP. First pitch is set for 7:10 PM ET, and as of me typing these words, every player who was on the Reds yesterday is still a part of today’s roster.

Upon further review, however, it appears that that sentence I just typed about Lyles ain’t true anymore:

In lieu of Lyles starting, the Pirates will roll out Alex McRae to begin tonight instead. He’s worked exclusively as a reliever at the big league level so far this year with pretty poor results (7.71 ERA), but has 16 starts for AAA Indianapolis under his belt this season.

Go Reds. Go the frickin’ go.

Reds Lineup

Pirates Lineup