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Podcast: Reds beating up on the Cubs, adding at the trade deadline, & the meltdown vs. Brewers

The latest musings from the RR crew.

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Omega personal stereo cassette player, c 1998. Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

BK and Grimey joined me to discuss the latest news in the land of the Cincinnati Reds. That, of course, includes the latest series victory over the Chicago Cubs as part of this crucial pre All Star Game homestand, and since we recorded during Monday’s series opener against the Milwaukee Brewers, there’s plenty reaction (and dismay) at how that game unfolded, too.

We also touched on the rumor from a week or so ago that suggested the Reds will be interested in adding a controllable hitter at this July’s trade deadline, something that’s getting closer and closer by the day. We then drooled over which players fit that kind of mold and could be targets - cough, cough, Francisco Lindor, cough, cough.

You can find the link to the casting of pod here, or you can click on that big orange play button that’s embedded below.