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Reds at Indians Game 2: Preview and Lineups

Disco v Plesac

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was so very 2019 Reds. The pitching gave up all of one run in nine innings but they still took the L. Brutal.

I want to formally lodge a complaint with the baseball scheduling commission. These mid-week two-game sets against the Indians are the dog’s lunch. Can’t we get an Ohio Cup series on a damn weekend? And with off days on either side, too. I mean, I like that the players are getting more off days through the season, but we can probably stagger them a bit better.

Tony Disco is throwing pretty all right this season, when you think about it. His ERA is a plebeian 4.70 due mostly to seasonal allergies and too many home runs allowed. He is pretty clearly the fifth-best starter in the rotation right now, but I think it is worth mentioning that his 2019 season would be seen as the grace of our Lord had it occurred in any of the last four years. Disco is good and he hasn’t really changed much. But the rest of the rotation - can I get an amen?

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think the Reds need to win this baseball game today. They really need to go, and I am generally pleased when they do so.



CF Senzel
DH Votto
3B Suarez
1B Dietrich
RF Puig
LF Winker
SS Iglesias
C Casali
2B Peraza