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Giants at Reds, Game 4 - Preview and Lineups

Drew Pomeranz vs Anthony DeSclafani

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

This stupid series needs to end, like, today. The Reds blew an eight-run lead on Friday and a four-run lead on Sunday, with Raisel Iglesias blowing the save in both of them. And for some stupid reason baseball has the bright idea that they need to play a stupid fourth game on Monday afternoon, which is stupid.

This week is already starting stupidly.

Drew Pomeranz has led an interesting career in baseball so far. He has been involved in deals with the likes of Ubaldo Jimenez, Brett Anderson, Yonder Alonso, and Jabari Blash. In 2016 and ‘17 between the Padres and Red Sox he started 62 games and had a 3.32 ERA. He dealt with injuries and ineffectiveness last season (though he did get a ring) and ended up taking a make-good deal with the Giants this year to regain some value. He’s been okay so far for them.

Anthony DeSclafani is officially on a roll. Over his last three starts he has thrown 1723 innings and given up just nine hits and one run. That’s, like, really good.

It’s getaway day as after this one your Reds are packing their profalactics and concealed carries to make the dangerous trip out to that Din of Sin, the San Francisco Bay Area. They’ll play three in Oakland before three more against these Giants. Be careful out there, boys!


CF Senzel
1B Votto
3B Suarez
RF Puig
2B Farmer
SS Iglesias
C Casali
LF Peraza
P DeSclafani