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Giants at Reds, Game 3 - Preview and Lineups

Luis Castillo takes on his former team.

Atlanta Braves v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Way, way back when I had the red lumberjack (and the hat to match), the San Francisco Giants were fresh off another World Series victory in 2014, their third such triumph in a five year window. One of the driving forces of that success was, of course, stud 3B Pablo Sandoval, who just so happened to reach free agency after that miraculous run in 2014 and signed a gargantuan contract with the Boston Red Sox.

In desperate need for a 3B to fill in for the Panda, the Giants pestered the trade market, eventually landing veteran Casey McGehee from the Miami Marlins, who at that point was a shell of of the player who had been a somewhat solid offensive contributor early in his career. The 2015 Giants got exactly 109 games of 50 OPS+ production from McGehee before mercifully releasing him, which wasn’t exactly what they had in mind in trying to replace Sandoval.

The story here, though, isn’t Casey McGehee - it’s who the Giants gave up to get such an awful player. In exchange for him, they sent the Marlins a pair of young pitching prospects: Kendry Flores, and one Luis Castillo.

Now the resident ace of the Cincinnati Reds, Castillo will today take on the team that originally signed him out of the Dominican Republic back in December of 2011, and he’ll do so as a much more polished product than the young fireballer San Francisco used largely as a reliever early in his career. He’ll be opposed by Giants starter Jeff Samardzija, who obviously got plenty of experience pitching against the Reds while a longtime member of the Chicago Cubs.

First pitch is set for 2:10 PM MT, which is decidedly not 2:10 PM ET.

Reds Lineup

Giants Lineup