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Giants at Reds, Game 2 - Preview and Lineups


Macaroni Boy Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds are wearing throwback jerseys tonight celebrating the 1902 season, one that featured the likes of Noodles Hahn. So, that’s a picture of old noodles. That’s the joke. Now you get it.

There are words that probably deserve to be said regarding last night’s apocalyptic cataclysm, but I don’t think I’ve let my body absorb enough alcohol in reflection just yet to truly wrap my head around it. Perhaps, I never will.

The last place Reds again play the last place San Francisco Giants on Saturday, and after last night’s bluster of runs these two no longer rank as the two worst offensive teams in baseball. Rather, they’re only two of the four worst offensive teams in baseball, so maybe that will help ol’ Tanner Roark, who is built like he was made for a throwback uniform from 1902.

Roark will be opposed by Giants starter Dereck Rodriguez, son of Hall of Famer Ivan Rodriguez.

Nick Senzel, who you may remember, has been dropped to the 6 spot in the order tonight. I didn’t know where to include that in this preview, but here it is.

First pitch is set for 7:10 PM ET, so time your masochism accordingly.

Reds Lineup

Giants Lineup