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Red Reporter Podcast - 2019 Season, Episode 3

Sports talk for your ear holes!

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Noel Edmonds Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Tony joined me this week to break down the Cincinnati Reds action against the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates, specifically how Derek Dietrich has built a 2-story condo inside the brain of Clint Hurdle.

We looked closer at Dietrich’s career splits and how that might indicate that his breakout start to this season could be more sustainable than you’d think. Later, we dove into how the offense has begun to get hot while the pitching’s peripherals have remained steady during their recent run of play in GABP, and even touched on the upcoming MLB Draft.

You can listen to Episode 3 by either clicking on this rosy red link, or by hitting play on the embed below (if that hasn’t been stripped out by the thieving Google AMP).

Turn on, tune in, and drop it like it’s hot.