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Nick Senzel To Make Major League Debut

And David Bell ain’t messing around with his lineups.

MLB: All Star Game-Futures Game Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Since the cat is already out of the bag (rabbit out of the hat?), let’s just get down to business. Nick Senzel has been added to the 40 man roster and is being brought up to the Cincinnati this evening. This will be Nick Senzel’s Major League debut, and it’s pretty dang exciting. Matt Bowman was optioned back to AAA and Scooter Gennett was put on the 60 day IL.

Not only is Nick Senzel making his debut, I’m sure he’s excited, but Manager David Bell is throwing him to the dogs. I like it. The kid gloves are off. The best prospect the Reds have had in a decade is about to make his appearance, and he’s going to make it batting behind Joey Votto and in center field. As a guy that has followed Senzel’s career closely, and is his #1 fan, this is all just totally awesome. Just take a look at this sexy lineup. Be sure to close your gapping mouths afterwords, ya pervs.

The Reds have had plenty of big debuts of prospects throughout the years. I remember watching Homer Bailey’s first game and listening to Jay Bruce’s on the radio. This approaches that same type of fanfare. In a normal prospect year, Senzel might just be the unanimous #1 prospect in all of baseball. Obviously, there has been some really fantastic talent breaking through to the bigs this year. Still, this is exciting for the Reds and for this young man we’re hoping will take the game by storm.

Kudos to David Bell for putting him right up there. There’s been plenty of hemming and hawing over Senzel this year. Should he have been called up earlier? Was service time manipulation happening? Is what the Reds did smart? Will it hurt them later?

None of that really matters now. What matters is the Reds are actually in the thick of it. Even with a slow start they’re not out of anything in the Central. They’re getting some of the best pitching we’ve seen in years. The hitting is historically low but is due for a huge statistical correction. Now, the Reds have called up a player that could bring a huge offensive and defensive presence to this team, and they’re actually going to play him in a spot where he will be baptized by fire.

Being a Reds fan can really put us in the dumps sometimes. However, if you’re not excited about this and some May baseball you’re not a living being. Go get ‘em, Nick. Kick some serious ass.