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What if Subway acquired the copyrights to The Beatles catalogue?

A Friday List

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

A thought occurred to me the other day: what if Subway, the sandwich place, were to somehow buy up the rights to the entire Beatles catalogue? We would probably see something like this:

Eat Fresh (to the tune of Hey Jude)

Here Comes the Sub

Ticket to Eat Fresh

While My Grinder Gently Eats

Yesterday (I had a cold cut combo for lunch)

Back in the BMT

I Am the Sandwich Artist

The Long and Winding Line to the Register

Lucy in the Sky with a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

Magical Meatball Marinara Tour

Octopus’s Garden Veggie Delite

Subway (That’s What I Want)

Long Tall Salad