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Red Reporter Podcast - 2019 Season, Episode 2


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Radio Cat Photo by Monty Fresco/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Episode 2 of the rebooted Red Reporter Podcast is alive and well, complete with intro music cropped and pasted by yours truly. Not composed, though. If I had the ability to lay down those funky bass-beats, I’d be doing that instead of hammering words about it on this here keyboard.

We recorded immediately after the Cincinnati Reds blew a 5-0 lead against the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday, May 22nd, and between that and the beers involved that should relay enough about the tone for the time being.

BK and Tony were kind enough to join me this time around, and we spoke at length about the week that was with those Brewers, the Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers on the docket. We then dove into the struggles of Joey Votto, as well as what the Reds might do once Scooter Gennett and Alex Wood get healthy and the One True Trade Deadline approaches shortly thereafter.

You can click here to have a listen, if Google AMP has stripped the handy dandy embed that otherwise should be obvious below these words. If it hasn’t, smash the play button and waste 45 minutes with us.