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Red Reporter Podcast - 2019 Season, Episode 1

The rebooted pod has been cast.

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The Goons Photo by Harold Clements/Express/Getty Images

It’s been some 22 months since we last turned on our microphones and yelled at one another, and that was simply far, far too long. The Red Reporter Podcast had gone silent, in part due to our own superstitions that our blabbing was keeping the Cincinnati Reds from their inevitable ascent to the pinnacle of Major League Baseball.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we’re now pretty certain they weren’t stinking up the joint because of us.

After weeks of technical training, ARF, Grimey, and I hashed out our theses on the current edition of the Reds, touching on their brutal record in 1-run games, how that has sunk them to the bottom of the NL Central (again), the brilliance of Luis Castillo, how Derek Johnson has impacted the pitching staff, Nick Senzel, and what the hell is up with the lackluster offense.

So, if you’ve got a minute, have a listen. You can also follow us on iTunes, where we promise there will be more and more and more of these, especially when the Reds go on their eventual 33 game win streak later this season. Heck, we might even figure out intro music by then!