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Reds at Mets, Game 3: Preview and Lineups

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was fun watching Luis Castillo make soup out of the bones of the Mets’ lineup. Then it was really fun in the ninth inning when they made that fun comeback all with two outs already on the board. It was less fun when they lost.

That has become kind of a thing this season and I’m not really enthusiastic about it. Castillo has been one of the super very best pitchers in all of baseball this season and the Reds are just 4-3 in his starts. All three of those losses has been by one cruddy run. That shit’s gotta change.

Speaking of aces who get no run support, the Reds will face Jacob DeGrom this evening. He won the Cy Young last season but April was more like Delmon Young for him. Tony Disco is bumpin’ for the Redlegs. After a rough coupla starts, his last two were Super Disco Breakin’. In 12 innings he gave up just one run and six hits.

Go, Reds. They are my favorite team. I hope they win.

Reds Lineup

Mets Lineup