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Cincinnati Reds score run in baseball game

This is a still-developing story.

Oakland Athletics v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Pittsburgh, PA - In what can only be described as a groundbreaking development, it appears the Cincinnati Reds have sent a runner successfully from 3B across home plate in Pittsburgh’s PNC Park, home of the Pirates, and have done so legally during the confines of a Major League Baseball game.

Early reports are sparse given the chaos surrounding the moment, but it does appear the ‘0’ that had been next to the Reds name on the scoreboard now reads as a ‘1.’ Given that we’re not privy to the technology needed to update the scoreboard in such a nouveau manner, we’re assuming there are enough failsafes to confirm that this was not merely done in error.

The lead-up to this Cincinnati run has been months in the process, of course. Scientists have been running countless tests in the depths of Great American Ball Park for months now in hopes that they would soon be able to push a runner across the plate.

This story is still developing, so stay tuned as we’ll relay all updates as soon as they cross the wire.