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Reds at Pirates, Game 2 - Preview and Lineups

Just win, baby. Or, at least just score.

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The overriding premise of this most recent offseason was quite simple for the Cincinnati Reds: get the pitching. It was simple in part due to the presence on paper of what looked like an overwhelmingly talented group of position players, one that featured incumbent All Stars all over the infield, and that was only augmented by the additions of the uber-talented Yasiel Puig to the team’s outfield.

So, it’s borderline inexplicable to see that the Reds offense has managed a whopping 11 runs through 6 games played, but here we are. The team’s collective OF production has been completely nonexistent, and that’s largely why we’re about to see Jesse Winker in CF flanked by Matt Kemp in LF tonight. Hoo boy, that’s quite the Hail Mary to try to get this offense jump-started, but I suppose when you’ve been shutout in back to back games it’s probably time to shake things up a bit.

(What was it the Reds cited about why Nick Senzel didn’t make the roster? Something about his OF defense, or something? I digress.)

It’s also been disappointing to see that the pitching, the primary focal point of the winter transactions, has largely looked good. That’s despite the Sunday struggles of one Sonny Gray, who will take the mound again tonight in hopes that he can begin to get his feet under him as a new member of the Reds, and at least he’ll do so tonight on-schedule (and not a day late thanks to weather intervention). He’s facing a depleted Pittsburgh Pirates lineup (sans Corey Dickerson and Gregory Polanco), but given the woeful OF defense he’s been gifted with today’s lineup, here’s to hoping his groundball tendencies are working well tonight.

First pitch is set for 7:05 PM ET.

Reds Lineup

Pirates Lineup