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Getcha one of these GABP shirts by Homage while you can!

Internet! E-Commerce! Things!

We here at Red Reporter dot com have rarely, if ever, chosen to partner or market with anyone to help sell anything. Despite the fact that you wonderful, wonderful readers helped us surpass 3+ million pageviews during calendar year 2018, the idea of using this content vessel to pitch products for a fee just wasn’t something any of us were really interested in doing, in part because we worried that might take the focus off of what we’ve always tried to provide for you here - a thoughtful, yet off-piste view on the Cincinnati Reds baseball team that we all root for and follow.

Rest assured, we’ve had the chance to before on numerous occasions. Those opportunities, however, just hadn’t seemed quite right.

Things were significantly different when the folks at Homage reached out to us earlier this spring, however. Not only do they come up with truly well thought-out, good looking apparel, they’re also an Ohio-based company that’s committed to their home base, which absolutely includes Cincinnati and Reds country. And, as a spoiler alert, I’ve had a few of their shirts in my regular rotation for years before ever speaking with them, so it was hardly a long familiarization process with what they do after they got in touch.

So, we’re going to help showcase some of their designs right as they’re released this year, the first of which being this sharp as hell Great American Ball Park design.

I’ve got one. I’m wearing it right now, actually. I’m not sure if that’s good marketing or bad marketing on my part, because I write about baseball instead of studying those kinds of things, but I will tell you right now that it - like everything I’ve ever worn from Homage - fits like a comfy glove. A well tailored, shirt-shaped glove, but you know what I mean.

If you’re interested in this particular shirt, you can purchase one, two, or seven by clicking this link and doing that e-commerce online thing. Yes, we RRs are going to get a small commission for anything you purchase through doing that we may well use to pay the water bill at RR Headquarters, and considering I got out of sales a decade ago after realizing that wasn’t something I was either passionate about or very good at, that feels weird to say. The thing is, though, even if you like the heck out of this and other products that Homage has to offer and you feel icky buying anything through Red Reporter, you’re in luck - they’ve got a pair of stores in the Cincinnati area that you can scoot over to and peruse in person.

We promise RR isn’t about to turn into a retail site, though we will be helping Homage release a few of their Reds-centric shirts over the course of this season. Besides, while this is far from a vintage Reposter or Farmers Only, it’s still infinitely better than whatever the heck FanPulse is. So, we’ve got that going for us...which is nice.