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Reds fans respond with incremental positivity to David Bell acting like a red ass!

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TGI Fridays, am I right, plugged-in Reds fans?! Welcome to another edition of SB Nation’s FanPulse, brought to you by the good folks at ComfortBlow LTD and the Amalgamated Bean and Lentil Growers of the Lower Midwest! Additional support provided by TGI Fridays!

As a plugged-in Reds fan and a straight white male of the American middle class, I respond positively when a man displays aggression in the face of adversity! David Bell has gotten the ol’ heave-ho twice now in the last two weeks and, being a respected social scientist who adheres to the rigorous standards of my craft, I can read the results of this week’s FanPulse and extrapolate that you, the plugged-in Reds fan, do too!

This has been another edition of SB Nation’s FanPulse, powered by SB Nation FanPulse and the plugged-in Reds fans at!

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