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Pirates at Reds: Game 2 - Preview and Lineups

Woo! Let’s baseball!

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Yesterday was our annual Day After Opening Day hangover. I get why the schedule is built in such a way, and it was necessary just last season, when Opening Day had to be pushed back to the off day due to weather. Still, giving us all a taste of a little bit of baseball, only to take it away again the next day is cruel and awful.

Things should ramp back up today, though the weather is looking like it may not cooperate (meaning it could be TWO full days without Reds baseball in our lives). Of course, we’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

Regardless, today is the Annual Red Reporter Game 2 outing, with twenty-some Red Reporter wastoids bringing their particular brand of, um, charm to the Queen City. Rain or shine, the RRs will be down there getting soggy and probably not just a little #drunj. Fun should be had by all. If you’re reading this and you happen to also be heading down to the stadium today, swing by the sun deck out and right field and say hey. I’m sure they’ll be easy to spot.

If you’re hanging around the ballpark and wanna meet up with the gang, let us know down in the comments and maybe someone can hook you up.

The Reds will oppose Trevor Williams pitching for Pirates today. Williams put up a great season in 2018, putting up a 3.11 ERA in 170.2 IP. He allowed only two runs in 12 innings against the Reds last season with eight strikeouts, but he did allow 15 hits in the two games started. Williams’s second half stats in 2018 were particularly great; in 71.2 innings pitched after the All Star break, he allowed only 11 earned runs in 12 starts. It was a great run for the 26 year old right hander.

Sonny Gray takes the ball in his Reds debut today. There’s been a lot of words written on Gray this offseason, and we finally get a chance to see if he can turn his career around in Cincinnati.

Reds lineup

Pirates lineup