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Red Reporter Game 2 Outing Info

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

We are a go for March 30th! Answers to some remaining questions you may have...

Where are we meeting?

We’re going to plan on meeting at Yard House at the Banks, and we can walk to the stadium from there. I should be there around noon (for the 2PM start), but I’m sure others may start congregating before then. We’ll probably close out and walk to the stadium around ~30 minutes before first pitch, depending on the weather.

Where are we sitting, and how much?

We did get tickets in RF this year, so we’ll be within shouting distance of Yasiel Puig as we were hoping. The part of the sun/moon deck we’re in, plus our group rate put our tickets at $27/person, which is right in line with how much we’ve spent in years past, so I’m thrilled at that resolution.

How can I pay you?

The best question of all! In advance of game day, you can pay me via PayPal or Venmo using the email address in my SBNation profile. (Which is also how you should get a hold of me with any questions leading up to the 30th.) If you’d rather pay cash at Yard House, I’m on board with that too, but I’d appreciate most people paying me in advance if possible.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 30th! Go Reds!