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Spring Training Game Sixteen: Diamondbacks at Reds

Tanner Roark takes the bump.

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds
Hiya, Barry!
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Fresh off Sonny Gray-mania, the Cincinnati Reds return to Cactus League action on Sunday against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and will do so with another import on the mound who has looked rock-solid so far this spring.

Sorry, Tanner Roark, I know I just jinxed you.

Anyhoo, Roark and his sparkly 1.69 ERA so far this spring will be on the mound for the first pitch today at roughly 4:05 PM ET, which is only mildly confusing because you rolled your clocks forward in Eastern Time last night but most of Arizona does not celebrate Daylight Savings Time. So, who the hell knows when they’ll truly be playing baseball, but at least you can tune in to the broadcast on either or FS-Ohio to find out.

Here’s who will be starting:

Here’s who else you might see:

Here’s a cat gif:

Go Spring Training Reds! They are my favorite Spring Training team!