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Fred Regorter’s Favorite Holiday Tunes

A Friday List (for Christmas!)

Getting High on Christmas Eve

Christmas Trees Roasting on the Santa Claus Effigy Fire

All the Cool Kids are Doing the Brand Loyalty Twist!

Soylent Night (Nobody Wants to Cook on Christmas)

I Saw Mama Vaping with Santa Claus

Baby, It’s Unseasonable Outside (The Talkin’ with Your Uncle about Climate Change Song)

Dad’s Just Under A Lot of Stress at Work

44 Candles, The Same Number as Last Year (and Every Damn Year Before)

Time for the Family Portrait!

That One Cousin whom You Only See at the Holidays and He Knows Precisely One Thing about You and It is That You Don’t Really Like Shellfish so Every Time You See Him He Makes a Joke about How You Probably Want to Eat the Whole Platter of Shrimp and That’s the Entire Conversation You Have with Him

Jingle Bell Rock