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Podcast: Reds hire Kyle Boddy, set to chase Yasmani Grandal in free agency

The Reds aren’t playing anymore, but they’re still making news.

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Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Four baseball games between eight different baseball teams will take place today, and not a single one of them will feature the Cincinnati Reds. Drat.

On the plus side, though, is that our dear Reds have actually managed to make some news in the baseball world this week. They announced the hiring of Driveline Baseball’s Kyle Boddy while also having Head Decision-Maker Guy Dick Williams go on record as stating the Reds will be very, very active this winter in pursuit of a postseason bid in 2020. Williams even intimated that the club is prepared to dip into the free agent market for the first time since the dawn of civilization, and the Reds have already seen their name linked to top free agent catcher Yasmani Grandal in the first real hot stove rumors of the offseason.

We wrote some bits about it, to which I have linked. To expound upon those ideas, though, we cast a pod about it last night, with Tony and BK joining me to break down this brave new world in which the Reds are living at the moment.

To be honest, it’s still a bit hard to fathom that the Reds landed pitching guru Boddy despite him having offers from the likes of the Cubs and Mets, but these aren’t the same ol’ Reds anymore, it would seem. The last calendar year has seen them take on gobs of salary, add star names like Yasiel Puig, Trevor Bauer, Sonny Gray, and the likes, and it really does appear that this offseason is going to actually have some real, live fireworks.

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Turn on, tune in, and drop that infield fly to try to turn a double play.