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Royals at Reds, Game One - Preview and Lineups

The Reds open their final homestand of the season.

Cincinnati Reds v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Fresh off what would can only be categorized as a demoralizing series defeat at the hands of the Miami Marlins, the Cincinnati Reds return home to begin their final homestand of the year on Tuesday. First up: the Kansas City Royals, owners of an ugly 54-102 on the season.

That record, by the way, is one of the few that’s worse than both the Marlins and the Reds, sitting behind only the woeful Baltimore Orioles in the race for draft position next June. Baltimore, at a remarkably awful 45-111 on the season, already has the #1 spot locked up.

The Reds will again send Matt Harvey to the mound on Tuesday, and honestly, I’m not even sure what to hope for this time around. On the one hand, I certainly want him to pitch well and for the Reds to succeed, as that’s simply a) enjoyable and b) kinda the entire point of this entire thing. That would also give me some additional confidence that the idea of signing him as a free agent this winter - and having held on to him without cashing in via trade on multiple occasions this summer - is more than just a half-brained idea. On the other hand, a bad outing from Harvey could raise his season ERA back over the 5.00 mark, and while that certainly wouldn’t inspire a ton of confidence that the Reds inevitable pursuit of him in free agency was a wise idea, it would potentially lower his leverage on asking price, I suppose.

Who knows. This whole rebuild thing is pretty firmly in ‘who knows’ status at this juncture.

Kansas City will send lefty Eric Skoglund to the mound opposite Harvey.

First pitch is set for 6:40 PM ET.

Cincinnati Lineup

Kansas City Lineup