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Reds at Cubs Game One: Preview and Lineups

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Disco is bringin’ the fever tonight in Chicago, opposed by that buttwipe Cole Hamels. DeSclafani has been throwing baseballs as good as any other human being on the planet this month, with 2113 innings of 0.83 ERA-flavored baseball. It is so great to see him finally healthy after all this time.

There is perhaps one person on the entire planet who can claim to be throwing baseballs better than Disco right now, and that person is Cole Hamels. Since coming over from the Rangers, he has tossed to the tune of a 0.72 ERA in 25 innings. He is a buttwipe.

Word ‘around the RR offices is that Scott Schebler could be activated from the disabled list today and in the lineup. So here’s hoping.