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Reds vs. Giants, Game Three - This is a Preview

Preview of the baseball game right here.

San Francisco Giants v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Let’s do a sweep, shall we?

The Reds are not only looking for a sweep in this three game series, but it would also be their 4th in a row against San Fran (the Giants taking the first two of the six to be played in 2018), and their 6th in a row against the Giants at Great American Ball Park.

These Giants aren’t the even-year Giants of yesteryear, but they’re still ostensibly In It when it comes to playoff races and they’ve certainly acted like they’re In It when it comes to acquisitions to the roster, which is why every guy that you’ve ever heard of plays for them.

The Reds are very much not In It and haven’t been for some time, so getting this team like this is pretty fun, especially if we ignore for a minute that the 2017 Giants actually finished several games worse than the Reds. Just ignore it.

Anyway, Andrew Suarez will make this start for the Giants. He’s a 25 year old left handed rookie who most recently pitched six scoreless innings of two hit ball against the Dodgers (they’re pretty good). Still, in his last 16 innings pitched (to include those six against LA), Suarez has a 6.19 ERA (that’s not very good).

In total, Suarez has pitched 116.2 innings for the Giants this season, making 21 starts with a 4.40 ERA (92 ERA+), with a 4.11 FIP and 1.303 WHIP.

Luis Castillo will start for the Reds. Castillo got touched up by the long ball in his last outing, giving up two dingers and five runs. Otherwise it was fine. He’s got a 3.50 ERA in his last three starts (18 IP with 19 K), so he’s both been what we’d hoped he’d be recently, while also showing he’s still only in his sophomore year.

The Giants have scored a grand total of two runs thus far in the series. This is a statement of fact and not much of a value judgment because the lineup they boast is better than that, and I hope they don’t get right on Castillo.

Go Reds.