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Reds @ Tigers Game Two: Preview and Lineups

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

My heart is full after watching Homer Bailey toss a beautifully vintage Homer Bailey game last night. So much has happened since the last time he was That Homer that I think we can easily forget just who That Homer was. It looks like he is finally actually really truly healthy for the first time in four years or more and boy oh boy was it a sight to behold. I think most of us are far beyond hoping that That Homer will really come back, but after last night you might forgive me for the double-take.

This is a brief two-gamer in Detroit, so this afternoon’s tilt will be the last time the Reds see the Tigers this season. Mustang Sally is your starting pitching and he will be opposed by Mike Fiers.

We haven’t really seen much of Romano in the last few weeks, which coincides with what I think is a dramatic change in the landscape of the future of the reds rotation. Since he threw 713 innings (his longest outing of the season) in Cleveland on July 10th, Homer Bailey has returned from the disabled list (see above), Matt Harvey was not traded at the non-waiver deadline, and two young bucks with similar profiles to his (Lucas Sims and Matt Wisler) were added to the mix. Sally hasn’t been great by any stretch this season, but at just 24 and in his first full big-league season, he has been among the most reliable hurlers for the local ballclub.

The trade deadline always teases as a hinge point for us fans to get a clearer look at what the organization is thinking and the direction they might be heading. It rarely follows through on that, and my intellectual frustration with it mirrors the uncertainty in Sally’s career.

Mike Fiers is kinda old, but he has been a horse for the Tigers this season, which is stacking up to be the best of his career.

Go, Reds.