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Reds at Cubs, Game Two; Preview and stuff

The Reds beat the Cubs yesterday. Again.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds beat the Cubs again yesterday. It’s their fifth straight win against the Northsiders, which is the longest streak the Reds have enjoyed against this team since 2014. You might remember 2014 as the year the Reds were desperately trying to hang on while the Cubs were still your Grandfather’s Cubs (read: they were bad).

Hopefully, they’ll do that again today.

Tyler Chatwood will make the start today for the Cubs. He missed the last series with the Reds due to the impending birth of his child. Which is super cool, and hopefully the Chatwood family is doing very well.

He’s back now, and this will be his second start since said baby rearing. He didn’t pitch well in the last one against the Twins, and he leads the Majors in walks on the season. I mean, he really leads it, giving up something like 8 walks per 9 innings pitched. The Reds and their lineup of above average on base percentage should, you know, do something with that.

Matt Harvey takes the bump for the Reds, looking to build on his last three very good outings. He cruised through 5.2 his last start, giving up only 2 singles on 68 pitches, but it ended prematurely because of rain. Speaking of those last 3 starts, Harvey’s got a 1.47 ERA in those 18.1 innings pitched and hot damn, that’s a spicy trade bait.

Cincinnati Lineup

Chicago Lineup