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Reds @ Tigers Game One: Preview and Lineups

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Cincinnati Reds Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, you remember Homer Bailey! He returned from the DL on Tuesday and threw some cromulent baseball. Here’s hoping he does it again tonight.

It’ll be the first game of the After Adam Duvall Era for the Reds. Phil Ervin and Brandon Dixon will start in the outfield corners in his absence. Duvall always fascinated me for being the strange kind of ballplayer he is. He has just two tools, but those tools are power and defense. Not many ballplayers can say that.

I’m writing this with about 45 minutes left until the trade deadline, so who knows if anything else has happened between when you are reading it and when I wrote it. Bold Prediction: whatever happens, folks will furrow their brows and disparage the Reds’ front office with unintelligible grunts and brays.

Oil Can Boyd will throw for the Tigers. You might remember him as the dude off of whom Joey Votto blasted a grand slam some weeks ago. I think it would be fantastic if he was to do that again tonight.

Also, yer boy Wick talked with some folks over at Bless You Boys to discuss this two-game set with the Tigers. So you can check that out.