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Reds at Cardinals, Game SWEEP: Preview and Lineups

Reds looking for the sweep to go into the break.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds and Cardinals braved two different weather delays last night. It probably ended up being very fortunately for the Reds; the second one chased both starters, but Flaherty had been dealing. The Cardinals bullpen, well, hadn’t been.

The Reds won, of course, and are going for a sweep of the Cardinals in St. Louis, something that hasn’t happened since 2006. That’s really not the biggest story and I’ve already buried the lede: Cardinals manager Mike Matheny was fired after the game last night, along with a couple of coaches/assistants.

Mike Shildt will be the interim manager for this one and all the ones going forward, as far as that’s concerned.

Mike and Jim could swap some stories, I’m sure.

Anyway, in the actual game, Miles Mikolas will start for the Cardinals. He’s been very good for St. Louis and is probably one of the most shrewd pick ups of the year. He was named an All Star, but won’t play due to him playing in this one with the ASG coming a couple days later.

Anthony DeSclafani will pitch for the Reds and is very good.

Cincinnati Lineup

St. Louis Doesn’t Have A Manager So They’re Having a Press Conference Instead of Posting a Lineup