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Reds vs Cardinals, Game Two: Preview and Lineups

It’ll be a hot one in Cincinnati.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds have went into extra innings in each of their last two games, winning the first against the Rox and losing the second against these Cardinals.

Losing to the Cardinals is basically the worst, so I propose that the Reds don’t do that again, at least for the remainder of this weekend.

Michael Wacha nearly tossed a no-hitter his last time out. He didn’t allow a Pirate hit until the 9th inning, striking out 8 in the process. A Cardinal no hitting is possibly the grossest thing imaginable, so the Reds should hit him around a little because he deserves it after the last start.

Luis Castillo basically only made one mistake pitch in his last outing, which got clobbered for a grand slam. Hopefully he’s learned from that.

Cincinnati Lineup

St. Louis Lineup

Other Notes

  • Here’s the actual Cardinals lineup, should you care about things like that.
  • Game time temp in Cincinnati for this afternoon is something like 91 degrees, which is pretty warm imo. Stay hydrated out there if you’re headed to this one.
  • Jesse Winker has been clutch as hell lately, huh?
  • Go Reds!