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Reds vs Rockies Game Three: Preview, Prediction, Prejudgment, Precarious Perpetual Panic

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

In Cy Schourek’s worst nightmare, two Tylers will face off in your afternoon series capper at Great American Ballpark. Mahle bumps it for the Reds with Anderson doing so for the Rockies. Everyone will get a participation trophy and then head over to Tyler M’s house after the game to play Sega.

These fellas squared off a long long long time ago, all the way back on May 26 at Coors Field. Neither was great, but Mahle’s team got the better edging out a 6-5 win.

I have decided that I’m really bullish about Mahle now. With almost everything being a complete disaster for this pitching staff during this rebuild, the Reds desperately need someone - anyone - to actually develop into a major-league quality starting pitcher. And I think Mahle might just do that.

His ERA looks pretty good so far at a respectable-if-a-bit-below-average 4.38, but he is near the top of the league leader board in home runs surrendered with 13. But that is driven in part by an unlucky HR/FB% (20%) so his xFIP is actually 4.03. He is getting his strikeouts and not giving up too many walks, and remember he is all of 23 years old. He is not a good starter at this point by any stretch, but it doesn’t take much to dream that maybe he isn’t that far away at all. I’m bullish.

It’s also worth mentioning that Mahle was a seventh-round pick back in 2013, so keep an eye on kids like Yomil Maysonet.

Reds Lineup

Rockies Lineup