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Farmers Only Weekend Harvest: Hoo boy do the Reds have a lot of minor league teams now

Get a drink. This is going to take a minute.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Friday, June 22

Louisville Bats 1, Norfolk Tides 16


This was bad all around, but mostly because of the pitching, and even more so because of the guy on the mound. Brandon Finnegan pitched in this one, and as the score indicates, not well. He gave up 10 of those 16 up there, giving up 9 hits and walking 4 with no strike outs. Just... wow.

Evan Mitchell “Is Batman” allowed 2 on 4 hits over 1.2. Wandy Peralta, Tanner “Purple” Rainey, and Jimmy “Drink to” Herget all pitched 1 inning a piece. Herget gave up nothing and struck out 2, while the others both allowed a hit and recorded a strikeout. Hernan “Not A Pitcher, guys” Iribarren got the last inning. He allowed 4 on 5 hits, but, he’s, you know. Not a pitcher.

The Bats offense did a bunch of nothing, too. Nick Senzel was lifted in 1st (and we later found out it was a really bad thing). “Stone Cold” Steve Selsky doubled, DJ Peterson hit twice with the only RBI, and Dilson “Pickle” Herrera hit once and scored that run.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos 1, Jackson Generals 2 (F/7)

The ‘hoos played two 7 inning affairs due to a game needing to be made up. In the first contest, Daniel “If he’s Wrong I don’t wanna be” Wright pitched the whole thing. Going 6 IP with 2 ER on 5 hits and 4 K. The Pensacola offense just didn’t help, only managing 3 hits, one a double from Luis Gonzalez. Shed “Don” Long and “Heiress Titties” Aristides Aquino chipped in with singles. Freshly called up TJ Friedl walked and scored the run.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos 3, Jackson Generals 5 (F/7)

In the second, the Wahoos still really couldn’t do much. Wyatt “Earp” Strahan started and went 2 IP and gave up 6 hits and 4 runs, only 2 of which were earned. Carlos Navas pitched 2 scoreless, striking out 2 and allowing 2 hits. Jesus “Walks” Reyes well, walked 2 in 2 IP, striking out 2 against a hit and an earned run.

Gavin “Down In” LaValley doubled in 2 runs, while Narciso “I am notta” Crook hit twice with an RBI and scored a run. TJ Friedl “Dee” tripled, walked, and scored a run.

Daytona Tortugas 0, Florida Fire Frogs 3

The ‘tugas pitched well enough to win, but the offense couldn’t score a run. Wennington Romero went 5.2 allowing 6 hits and 2 ER, striking out 2 and walking nobody. Ty “Poppin’” Boyles went 1.1 with 2 hits and 1 strike out and getting an unearned run, while Ryan “Petey” Hendrix struck out 2 in his inning.

A big fat goose egg was put up by the offense, despite earning 7 hits and 5 walks in the game. Taylor “The Next Big Thing” Trammell hit twice and walked, while Bruce Yari also hit twice. Stuart “Little” Fairchild and “TySteve” Tyler Stephenson each walked once and hit once.

Dayton Dragons 2, South Bend Cubs 3

Hunter “John Deere” Greene took the mound for the Dragons and did everything he could’ve done. He went 6.2 in this one, allowing only 2 ER (3 R) on 5 hits with 7 K and 0 BB. Oh that’s just sexy as hell. On May 18th, Greene’s ERA was 10.06. After this one, it’s essentially half that. Yes, inject this directly into my veins, please. “Boy Meets World” Cory Thompson allowed nothing over 2.1 with 2 strikeouts.

“Derek” Jeter Downs doubled, singled, and drove in a run, while John Sansone hit twice, too. Alejo Lopez doubled and walked and scored a run, while Mitch Piatnik “At the Disco” singled and scored a run, too.

Greeneville Reds 8, Pulaski Yankees 7 (F/11)

The newest Reds affiliate brought the win, though it took them a while to get there. Miguel “Youdrano” Medrano struck out 8 over 5 IP while allowing only 2 earned. Aaron “Michael” Quillen scattered 4 hits and gave up a solo dinger, but struck out 3 over 2 innings. Manuel “Can You” Cachutt allowed a run on 3 hits. Cory “Not Going There” Heitler struck out 5 in 2 innings, but he allowed a 2 run tater that blew the save for the Greene Reds in the 9th. He was credited with the win, so I assume he pitched the 10th. “Hello” Jerry D’Andrea struck out 1 and and had a run score on him (unearned) in 1 inning.

The Toddler Reds managed 8 runs on only 7 hits, but Pulaski gifted them 3 errors, as you’ll have in Rookie League ball. “Grab the” Cash Case hit twice with 2 RBI, while Zeke White was at it again with 2 hits and an RBI.

Billings Mustangs 2, Helena Brewers 7

“Big” Mac Sceroler pitched 3 innings and struck out 3 Brewers, walking 1 and allowing only 1 earned (2 R). Andrew McDonald served over 1 billion, basically, giving up 3 ER in 1.1 walking and striking out 2. Edward Escoboza scattered 3 hits giving up 1 run and striking out 1 in 1.2, while Jose “Peraza Luis” Castillo gave up a solo dinger, struck out 1 and allowed another hit in 2 innings.

Reshard “Marilyn” Munroe had 2 of the Mustangs 6 hits with an RBI. Bren “Don’t” Spillane whacked a double, but otherwise? Meh.

The DSL Reds beat the DSL Orioles 9-5, and you can read about that here.

Saturday, June 23

Louisville Bats 13, Norfolk Tides 12

There’s a lot going on here. On the pitching side, well, obviously it’s not great. The night after Brandon Finnegan’s meltdown, Homer Bailey took the bump for the Bats. It went poorly. He pitched 6, but gave up 10 H and 7 ER, striking out 2 and walking 1. (Relatedly, somewhat, old friend Tim Melville was the other starter in this one. He was also really bad).

Domingo “Grilled” Tapia was a total horror show, pitching 0.2 and giving up 4 earned. Wandy Peralta allowed an earned run in an inning, which we’re pretty accustomed to at this point. Kevin Quackenbush “is actually still on the team, huh? wow” was good, striking out 3 allowing only a hit in 1.1, while Tanner Rainey struck out 1 and gave up nothing, lowering his AAA ERA to 1.69. He’s good, I promise.

Dilson Hererra keeps on hitting, 3 times in this one including a double and 2 RBI with 2 runs scored. Mason “Jar” Williams doubled and hit thrice, too, with a walk, an RBI, and 4 runs scored. Basically, if Mason Williams got on, good things were happening for the Bats. Blake Trahan was 3-4 with a walk, an RBI, and 3 runs scored, as well! Steve “Too” Selsky honked a wanger.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos 11, Jackson Generals 4

Seth Varner was relatively solid in this one, going 6 full, scattering 5 hits, but allowing only 2 earned runs (4 R). He walked 1, struck out 1, and gave up a tater. Jose “Sally Jesse” Rafael De Paula pitched 2 scoreless, hitless innings, striking out 1. “Don’t Call My Name” Alejandro Chacin gave up a hit in 1 IP, but nothing else.

The offense laid it on the Generals, however. TJ Friedl seems to be enjoying his call up, thus far, as he hit twice more (another double) tonight, driving in 3 runs and scoring 2 himself. Taylor “Bubba” Sparks honked 2 wangers, drove in 3 runs, hit once more, and scored 3 runs. Gavin LaValley, strong person, dingered himself (again), hit another, and scored 2 runs, while Jose “Can you” Siri tatered himself, a 2-run shot.

Daytona Tortugas 5, Florida Fire Frogs 4

Scott “The Boss Like Randy” Moss scattered 7 hits in this one, but limited it all allowing only 1 ER (2 R), striking out 2. Nick Howard hath Risen allowing only a hit and a walk in 1 IP, otherwise striking out the side. Juan Martinez needed “Juan” inning to give up 2 earned, while Brian “Deer” Hunter allowed a hit and got his out. Joel “SOFA KING” Kuhnel walked 1 and allowed nothing else to close the game out.

For the offense, Randy “the Body” Ventura hit 3 times and batted in a run. Bruce Yari doubled, singled, and scored 2 runs, while Morgan Lofstrom doubled in 2 runs. Taylor Trammell doubled in a run and walked.

Dayton Dragons 2, South Bend Cubs 5

Tyler “Walter” Mondile got the start and went 5.1, allowing 5 hits and 3 ER, walking 1 and striking out 2. Wendolyn “Gwendolyn” Bautista coughed up 3 hits in 1.2 innings, allowing only a run. John Ghyzel pitched 2 full, allowing 4 hits and a run, walking 1 and striking out 2.

Jeter Downs jacked a funkblast and walked. Andy Sugillo doubled, singled, and scored a run, while Leandro “Barbosa” Santana was smooth, hitting twice and walking.

Greeneville Reds 6, Pulaski Yankees 5

“King of the Jungle” Lyon Richardson was not good, going only 1 IP allowing 4 ER on 3 hits and a tater allowed. AJ Moore was not less, however, cleaning up 3 IP allowing only 2 H and striking out 3 (1 unearned run). “Pope” Francis Jones went 3 himself, allowing 4 hits and 2 walks, striking out 4 and allowing no runs. Stephen “Hellen” Keller got the 2 inning save, striking out 2.

Reniel “Disease” Ozuna tripled and homered for the Toddler Reds, while Hunter Oliver doinked a donk of his own, with another hit and 2 RBI. Justin Bellinger made the most of his PH appearance, doubling in a run and scoring one himself.

Billings Mustangs 4, Helena Brewers 0

The Mustang pitchers held it down Saturday. Jared “King” Solomon went 6 innings allowing 2 hits and 2 walks, striking out 3. Andy Cox, Duari “Dr. Death” Moreta, and Jeremy Kivel “and Bits” shut it down from the bullpen.

Bren Spillane, Collegiate Baseball Newspaper National Player of the Year for 2018, was 4-4 tonight with a donk. Reshard Munroe hit 3 more times with a double and a walk, while Brandt Stallings doubled, singled, batted a run in and scored one.

The DSL Reds won again, beating the DSL White Sox 6-5. Read all about it by clicking on this.

The AZL Reds did a thing against the AZL Indians 2. Here’s a link to that.

Sunday, June 24

This is where Tony takes over for Grimey while he presumably engages in some kind of savage Sunday night rager. Or maybe he just wanted to go to bed. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Louisville Bats 5, Norfolk Tides 1

Cody “Rec Specs” Reed was downright sturdy once again on Sunday, throwing seven innings and allowing just a single run on five hits and three walks with six strikeouts. That makes three consecutive starts of at least 7 IP for Reed, the first such stretch of his career, according to the Bats’ Twitter. His ERA for the season drops to 3.92.

Did you guys know Cody Reed is 25 years old?

D.J. “Jazzy Pete” Peterson led the offense, going 2-for-3 with a home run, a double and three RBI’s. Mason “Walmart” Williams also homered and walked in a 1-for-3 night, while Nick “Shed” Longhi went 2-for-4 with a pair of singles. All three of those characters also stole a base.

Robert Stephenson will get the start when the Bats go to Columbus on Monday, with first pitch set for 7:05 p.m. EST.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos 4, Jackson Generals 2

Siri homered for a second straight day, which is even more impressive considering he’s been in AA for four games. He went 1-for-5, while Long and Friedl each went 2-for-4 with a walk. Taylor Sparks “Fly” tripled and drove in two, and Luis Gonzalez doubled.

Vladimir “The Impaler” Gutierrez was solid on the mound, going 5.2 innings and allowing just one run on four hits and two walks. He struck out four.

The Blue Wahoos will do battle with Jackson again Monday, with Keury Mella getting the ball on the mound. First pitch is at 7:05 p.m. EST.

Daytona Tortugas 6, Florida Fire Frogs 1

Mitch “Yay” Nay collected three hits while Randy “Savage” Ventura, Bruce Yari, and Ibandel Isabel each smacked two in a 12-hit effort by Daytona that included zero extra base knocks.

Tommy Bergjans went six innings on the mound, allowing just one run on five hits and two walks while striking out six. Ty “Poppin” Boyles was sharp in two scoreless frames, and Ryan “Hey Joe” Hendrix finished things with a scoreless inning of his own.

Daytona moves on to Clearwater, who comes to town Tuesday with first pitch set for 7:05 p.m. EST. There is no probable starter.

Dayton Dragons 4, South Bend Cubs 10

The Single-A matchup didn’t go as well for the Reds on Sunday as the big league one, but that’s okay. Jeter Downs was fantastic at the top of the order, going 2-for-3 with a walk and two runs scored, while Andy Sugilio went 2-for-5 with two ribbies and Leandro Santana was 2-for-5 wth two triples.

Packy Naughton wasn’t wacky enough on Sunday, allowing four runs, three earned, on five hits in four innings. He walked one and struck out four. Austin Oreweiler then got drilled for five runs in an inning of work, and that was all she wrote for Dayton.

Dayton now turns its attention to Great Lakes, who it welcomes on Monday at 7 p.m. EST. Adrian Rodriguez gets the start.

Billings Mustangs 2, Helena Brewers 3

Billings got a perfectly adequate outing out of Luis Alecis, who allowed just a run on three hits and two walks while striking out six in five innings. They just couldn’t hit much behind him. Pabel Manzanero was 2-for-4 with a double, while Jake Turnbull went 1-for-3 with a double and a walk. Bren Spillane was 0-for-4 with four strikeouts, which is troublesome.

Billings will play Great Falls at 9:05 p.m. EST on Monday with Ricardo Smith taking the mound.

Pulaski Yankees 11, Greeneville Reds 3

Man, a couple young Reds got rocked tonight. Jacob Heatherly gave up seven runs on three hits and four walks in two innings. He also struck out four. Max Wotell pitched behind him, going two innings and allowing four runs, two earned, on four hits and three walks. He struck out three.

Jonathan Willems went 2-for-4 with a pair of runs driven in, while Cash Case, Juan Martinez and Brian Rey all doubled. That’s as far as things went for the offense, though.

The Reds are hosting Kingsport Monday, with Ricky Karcher going to the mound at 7 p.m. EST.