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Red Reposter - The Reds have had like 12 off-days the last few weeks

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MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Nationals broke the seal on the mid-season trade swap extravaganzapalooza by acquiring closer Kelvin Herrera from the Royals. This is worth repostering because as you may be aware, the Reds have their own closer that might possibly be shopped around in the next few weeks. Raisel Iglesias has emerged as one of the elite relievers in baseball in his 312 years in Cincinnati and would be the most valuable trade chip the Reds could dangle this summer.

The Royals got a few interesting prospects back from the Nats, but Herrera can be a free agent at the end of this season so that really limited the upside of their return. Iglesias, on the other hand, has three more years under contract after this one, so any prospective acquiring team would have to pay a premium.

Iglesias has been one of the few bright spots on this Reds team through these last dark years, but I’m of a mind that the Reds should trade him while he is at his maximum value. The length of his contract means that he could potentially be around for The Next Good Reds Team, but even with bullpen usage going through a marked evolutionary period right now, I think relief arms are over-valued on the market. If the Reds can turn his value into a center fielder or a starting pitcher (or even both, really), I think they need to go for it.

Nick Senzel earned a spot on’s Pipeline Prospect Team of the Week by crankin’ it up like a mamma jamma and not takin’ no guff. He had a streak of seven-straight multi-hit games last week, which is so way totally boss. He even started at shortstop on Saturday, which ... you know, it doesn’t mean anything.

Look, I’m getting a bit honked off at how the Reds are handling Senzel. He came up as a third baseman, but with Eugenio Suarez now a matinee idol superstar there, they tried him a bit at shortstop this spring. Apparently, they weren’t quite thrilled with the results, so they moved him over to second base instead. But then Scooter Gennett started this season hitting like a daggum MVP. So at this point, the Reds see no good reason to bring him up, despite how well he is hitting. They just don’t have a place for him to play, they say.

The way I see it, there is exactly one good reason why they are doing this the way they are: they are totally convinced that Scooter Gennett is not going to be playing second base for Cincinnati much longer. It is really the only rational explanation. If they were even considering keeping Gennett at second, they would be trying anything and everything to create space for Senzel. Whether that is at shortstop or in the outfield doesn’t really matter. Now, maybe they aren’t set on trading Scooter and maybe they think they can push him to the outfield or something. They don’t necessarily have to trade him. But they should trade him.

The Reds have had so many off-days recently that there really isn’t much actual baseball to talk about. Turns out, the players are kinda bumming around killing time, too. Michael Lorenzen, Jared Hughes, and Amir Garrett went to the zoo yesterday to tie in a promotion or something. Tonight is zoo night at the ballpark so you can get a Fiona the Hippo bobblehead.

In more no-baseball-goin-on news, Sean Casey and John Franco were on Celebrity Family Feud the other day as part of the MLB All-Stars family. Shaq O’Neal, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith showed up for the NBA All-Stars. I haven’t watched it.

Look, I know the Reds are in a really dark period. We are all closing our eyes tightly to try to get through this really scary part. But as bleak as it is, I think it is important to remember that it could be even worse. It could be orders of magnitude worse. The Orioles have the worst record in baseball, 512 games worse than your Reds. Which is terrible for the Baltimore faithful, but hold on a minute.

Take a look at what Chris Davis is doing. He is in the third season of a seven-year, $161 million deal. He is coming off a brutal 2017 in which he played at exactly replacement-level. He is so, so much worse this season. It is mid-June and he is at -2.0 WAR already. He has posted a wRC+ of 24. My friend and yours Dan Szymborski ran his rest-of-the-season ZiPS and determined that Davis is on pace for the worst season of all time according to fWAR. Usually when seasons like this happen, the team will mercifully stop giving the struggling player so much playing time. But usually when seasons like this happen, the player isn’t owed more than $100 million.

There is a section of Reds’ fans that get very salty when discussing Joey Votto’s contract. They argue either that he doesn’t drive in enough runs to justify the money or even that no player is worth as much as the Reds are paying him. But I implore all of them to look at the Orioles and Davis and for them to fall at the feet of Joey Votto and beg his forgiveness for their sins.

Everything could be so, so, so much worse.