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Reds at Pirates, Game Three - Preview and Lineups

Baseball, or something similar.

St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Anthony DeSclafani has only made two starts this season. In those - both at home in GABP - he’s allowed 6 ER, and managed to log only 10 IP. Ho hum, really, and pretty much par for the course for what we’ve come to expect from Cincinnati Reds starting pitching these days.

However, Disco has managed to fan 11 batters and issue just 3 walks in those 10 IP, and that’s the kind of zone-attacking that the rest of the Cincinnati starters have struggled with mightily for years on end. So, despite the tiniest of tiny samples, seeing Disco’s 3.08 FIP against the backdrop of the Reds league-worst starting rotation FIP of 5.37 is at least a bit exciting, specifically because we’ve at least seen Disco be precisely that kind of pitcher in his past when healthy.

He’ll allow his share of hits, to be sure. However, he’s been pretty danged good at keeping those in the park, and with just a 2.4 BB/9 across his 351 career MLB innings pitched, it’s pretty clear he’s not simply going to give the opposition free bases. And really, it’s that kind of skill set while on the mound that has me so irrationally excited to see him back, healthy, and poised to jerk at least a part of this rotation into something worth watching.

Disco will face the Pittsburgh Pirates this Sunday for his first road start of the year. He’ll share the mound with Pirates starter Joe Musgrove, who along with Michael Felize and Colin Moran - who dingered for Pittsburgh yesterday - were the return from the Houston Astros in last winter’s Gerrit Cole trade.

First pitch is set for 1:35 PM ET.

Cincinnati Lineup

Pittsburgh Lineup