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Farmers Only - Now with more skank!

Cody Reed, double-headers, and Packy Naughton

The Brandon Larson Honorary Star of the Night

North Kackalacky Packy Naughton threw 623 solid innings, striking out five and surrendering nary a walk. He gave up two unearned runs, but was otherwise pretty darned great. Slam a glass of Kool Aid, muh kid.

Columbus 6, Louisville 2

Cody “I gotta need, a need fer” Reed was, like most every Steven Spielberg film, spectacular aside from the very end. He threw 723 innings and struck out 11 while walking just one, the very last batter he faced. But the two runners he allowed in the eighth would come around to score and put this one out of reach for the Bats. Nick “A way better human being than Tucker Carl” Senzel collected two hits, while Josh “Wan Ban, Thank ya” VanMeter and “Bring me the heart of” Gabriel Guerrero did the same.

Mississippi 5, Pensacola 1

This one was postponed by weather on Monday so they made it up yesterday. Michael Mader, yet another impressive Braves’ pitching prospect, kept the dogs in the kennel all night, throwing six strong while giving up just a run. Jose Jesse Rafael de Paula and Skoal Joel Bender threw a scoreless inning apiece for the ‘hoos out the ‘pen. Wyatt “Sack Attack” Strahan gave up just four hits, but one of those was a grand slam. Nerps. He also walked four.

Pensacola 2, Mississippi 1

The Wahoos got ‘em back in the night cap, edging them out in a pitchers’ duel on the strength of the right arm of “The Cuban Commissar” Vladimir Gutierrez. He threw 513 while striking out seven and walking just one. He gave up just three hits, though one was a solo home run. The ‘hoos got just three hits themselves, including a solo shot from “American Idol” Taylor Sparks.

Daytona 6, St. Lucie 1

TJ I. Friedls and Taylor Trammell shoulda won the damn MVP in 1987 each doubled and singled, while Friedl also swiped a bag. Tony “The Silver Bullet” Santillan pitched well, giving up just one run against four strikeouts in 523.

Daytona 8, St. Lucie 2

You wanna hear something weird? “Never tell” Ibandel Isabel hit a home run. That makes it 16 for him on the season. He is slugging .618, too. Yamma hamma. Michael “Disaster Beam” Beltre added three hits and Tyler “Watch where yer steppin’” Stephenson knocked a double. Ryan “a pretty good guitarist” Hendrix threw two perfect innings outta the ‘pen. The sweep puts the Tuges in a tie for first in the FSL North.

Dayton 3, South Bend 2

Naughton threw very well, as stated above. Mark “He’s so very” Kolosvary had two hits and pushed in the go-ahead run in the ninth hitting a ground ball to shortstop that forced an error. “Just another story about” Cory Thompson and John “Theo. LeSieg” Ghyzel teamed up to throw 213 relief innings to closer ‘er out. The Cubs’ Rollie Lacy was dominant as all get out, throwing six innings and striking out eight without a walk, but it was only just enough to keep pace with Naughton.