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Reds at Diamondbacks Game Three: Preview and Predictions

It’d sure be nice if the Reds could win even one of these games

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Arizona Diamondbacks Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Mustang Sally Romano will bend the boardwalk for the Reds this afternoon in the concluding match against the Diamondbacks. He is hanging on to his roster spot by his finger nails at this point. With Anthony DeSclafani close to returning, Romano is among those in consideration for the bump. His ERA is up to 5.89 and he is walking nearly as many as he is striking out.

The Diamondbacks will counter with Patrick Corbin, one of the best arms in baseball right now. He has a 2.47 ERA so far and he is striking out nearly five times the hitters that he is walking. Basically, he is exactly what we might hope that Sal Romano could be and exactly the opposite of what Sal Romano is right now.

Reds Lineup

Diamondbacks Lineup

Other Notes

  • With Homer Bailey perhaps maybe kinda thinking about possibly considering a move to the bullpen, maybe Romano’s rotation job could be spared. Then again, the Reds have a number of off-days coming up so maybe both Homer and Sally will get bumped.
  • For the third-straight day, Jesse Winker is sitting the bench. I wonder if he broke the heart of Jim Riggleman’s daughter or something. [UPDATE]: it is even dumber than that.
  • Eugenio Suarez frelched another flamingo last night, his tenth of the season. In 12 career PAs against Corbin, he is hitting .364/.417/.727 with a homer and a double. He has also K’d five times against him though, so there’s that.
  • Scooter’s got his BA up to .345, which is good for second-best in all of baseball.