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Reds vs Brewers Game Two: Preview and Predictions and Pressed Hams

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody got all tittered up over Josh Hader’s eight-strikeout save last night, but blehhhhhh whatever. Big deal. If everyone likes Josh Hader so much why isn’t his name Josh Lover? Answer that, scientists.

Titular Reds’ ace Homer Bailey will ply his trade on the earthen service platform tonight. He has yet to record a win in this young season, but there aren’t too many of those to go around anyway so it’s not important. He was refreshingly decent in April, though he isn’t getting any strikeouts and he gave up a few too many home runs. IRREGARDLESS he looks healthy and capable now which is really fantastic. Ol’ Hoss is ridin’ high in the saddle again.

Chase Anderson will answer the call for the Beerbellies. His April looks an awful lot like Hoss’ April: his strikeouts are way down, his home runs are way up (he paces the league with seven salamis surrendered) but otherwise he has been more-or-less effective. He has a sterling record against your Redlegs in his career with a 2.67 ERA in seven starts. Here’s hoping the Reds ugly that up a bit.

Cincinnati Reds Lineup

Milwaukee Brewers Lineup

Other Notes

  • Rosell Herrera will make his first career Major-League start this evening, batting seventh and playing second base. That’s neat.
  • Adam Duvall will make a first of his own, too. He will bat second in the order for the first time in his career. He has been ugly as a cat’s ass so far this season so I’m guessing the rationale is that hitting in front of Joey Votto will help him see some better pitches. I’m not angry about it.