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Reds at Pirates Game 2: Preds, Prevs, Plebs, and Pervs

Luis Castillo vs Trevor Williams

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Luis Castillo will try to address the grievances of an insurrectionist lower caste in his second start of the season. He wasn’t sharp last Saturday against the Nationals, though he did strikeout six in five innings.

Trevor Williams was nearly Castillo’s perfect inverse in his own season debut. He did not surrender a single hit against the Tigers in his six innings of work, but he did walk five. The Reds have given him some boostafazoo in the past, hitting for a .921 OPS against him in 21.1 innings.

It’s gonna be chilly again this evening at PNC Park, so hopefully my friend and yours Mitchell Clark (or TDarf-diggity, as he is known in the underground beat-boxing circles) will be wearing his PNC Parka. There is a better-than-zero chance that this one will be delayed by rain, or even postponed all together. Stay tuned for the latest.

Cincinnati Reds Lineup

Pittsburgh Pirates Lineup

Other News

  • Still no Scott Schebler today. This is getting worrisome.
  • Brewers’ closer Corey Knebel aggravated a hamstring injury last night. He’ll head to the DL for a while. He is the anchor of that Milwaukee ‘pen, so this isn’t great for them.
  • Redleg Nation’s Chad Dotson and Chris Garber wrote a book about the Reds and it’s the best-selling baseball book on Amazon right now, which is totally radical and way outta sight. I wouldn’t say I’m friendly with these folks over at RLN, but I don’t actively wish them any grave or serious injustices. So while I’m not elated at this development, I’m not antipathetic either. So this is all perfectly adequate. This is a job ... done. You certainly wrote a book, guys.
  • But seriously you should consider buying a copy.