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Tuesday’s game postponed, Reds/Cubs to play doubleheader May 19th


Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

If you’re in Cincinnati right now, you’re either under a roof or quite wet. The Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs were slated to play the final game of their two-game “series” on Tuesday evening in what was supposed to be the Reds’ first night game of the year, but the weather gods had other ideas.

The game has been bagged. Borked. Nether-regioned.

As said tweet notes, the Reds will make this one up as part of a doubleheader in a late May series between the two clubs that was already on the calendar. Both teams have off-days tomorrow, but apparently just playing it then was out of the question for some reason - though a quick glance at the forecast suggests it’ll be damn cold out there tomorrow. I suppose the allure of a more packed house on a warmer May weekend as compared to a previously unscheduled, cold Wednesday afternoon was the likely deciding factor.

Of course, that’s a bummer for Cody Reed, who was only brought into the active roster to pitch today thanks to the Opening Day rainout erasing another would-be off-day that would’ve allowed the Reds to skip the need for a 5th starter. As The Athletic’s C. Trent Rosecrans later noted, Reed will now see his spot skipped, as the rotation for the upcoming series in Pittsburgh has now been set.

Considering we heard earlier today that Brandon Finnegan is on-course to be ready for the start on Monday the 9th, that pretty much puts the squeeze on Reed’s chance to get a start at the big league level at this time.

This means no baseball today and no baseball tomorrow, and three full off-days before the team even plays their fifth game of the season. Can we shift the pace of play focus off of individual games and speed up the season a bit, Rob Manfred?