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Reds at Cardinals, Game 3: Preview and Lineups

Please just win, would you?

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

So here we are, hoping the Reds don’t get swept in a series again.

Again. And again.

Whatever, this season’s already pounded the life out of me.

Today, we’ll see Reds pitcher Luis Castillo vs. Cardinals pitcher Miles Mikolas.

Castillo wrecked Brewers hitters with his change up last time out. He had eight strikeouts total, and the Reds will hope for more of that type of pitching in this one as they try to dig themselves out of the awful hole they find themselves in. Really this team showing life would be really nice.

Mikolas owned the Reds the last time out. That was just last week, if you remember. It was Mikolas’s best outing in several years, because of course it was. Maybe the Reds will manage... something.

First pitch is set for 2:15 PM EDT.

Cincinnati Lineup

St. Louis Lineup

Other Notes

  • Go Reds!
  • Please go. Please?
  • Jim Riggleman has never won a game as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Ever.