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Reds at Brewers, Game 1: Preview and Lineups

Baseball, or something akin to it.

Cincinnati Reds v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds have won two games this year. There is a large portion of my being that cannot possibly fathom how those two games materialized, as these same Cincinnati Reds already have lost thirteen times, as well.

Tonight, they’ll get a chance to have Luis Castillo lead them to a win against the Milwaukee Brewers, though if their bats continue to flounder as they have during the [who knows, who cares, but it’s a large number] game losing streak, even that might not be enough. The Reds need to pitch better, hit better, play better defense, have better decisions made around them, and probably need to eat more pizza. Quite honestly, everything they’ve done to date has to be called into question, particularly how much pizza they’ve not consumed.

They’ll face lefty Brent Suter tonight. Since they’re in Milwaukee, first pitch is set for 7:40 PM ET - and with the roof on Miller Park, that’ll be a go regardless of the awful weather.

Cincinnati Lineup

Milwaukee Lineup

Other Notes

  • Scooter and Tucker vs. a LHP. No Alex Blandino in the starting lineup for the 5th time in the 8 games since he was called up. Good, great, grand, glorious.
  • No Jesse Winker, either, though it’s tough to tell if that’s due to his shoulder or the lefty on the mound. For that matter, perhaps the HBP that Devin Mesoraco took off his hand yesterday has Tucker in the lineup batting from his weaker side today, too.
  • Even after Homer Bailey’s solid outing on Sunday, the Reds collective 5.83 ERA ranks dead last in all of baseball, and does so by nearly a full run. The Miami Marlins 4.93 checks in as the next worst.
  • The Reds have officially made their next transaction in this everloving rebuild process. The team announced earlier Monday that minor league catcher Tony Sanchez had been traded to the Texas Rangers for either cash or a PTBNL.
  • Two slices of Cosmo’s pizza that were each roughly the size of a human head were harmed in the making of this game preview.
  • John Muir once said “Writing is like the life of a glacier; one eternal grind.” The 2018 Cincinnati Reds have hammered that into the core of my brain.
  • Go Reds. Get a win.