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Cardinals at Reds, Game 3: Preview or something like it

Nothing matters.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds-Media Day Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Losses and losses and losses.

It really sucks, to be sure. But there’s actually something to look forward to today, I guess, if you’re still looking for that.

Brandon Finnegan makes his first start of the year, and his first start since June of last year. He started against the the Cardinals after a significant lay off last year, was still not right, landed on the DL, and then hurt all of his arms on a boat.

But he’s back now, and it’s exactly the kind of spark this team needs, assuming he provides it with his performance.

Cincinnati Lineup

St. Louis Lineup

Other Notes

  • Those up there might be yesterday’s lineups. You be the judge.
  • Brandon Finnegan really, really needs to be good today.
  • Brandon Finnegan really, really needs to get out of this start healthy.
  • If Brandon Finnegan happens to not get out of this start healthy, the Reds corner of the internet may, in fact, actually melt down.
  • Are you still reading this website and watching this team, day after day? If so, we really appreciate it. For whatever reason, you’re putting in some serious work. That said, it has to get better. Just because it can’t get all that much worse.
  • It probably can get worse.