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Reds at Phillies, Game 2: Preview and Lineups

Homer Bailey takes the mound.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

The last few days of Cincinnati Reds baseball have been pretty, pretty awful. Last night, the club lost to the Philadelphia Phillies thanks to an 8th inning dinger, and while that’s usually the kind of gut-kick that stands out for several days, it was actually one of the more reasonable losses the Reds have absorbed of late.

Homer Bailey will get the chance to stem the tide of losing on Tuesday, hopefully looking much more like he did on Opening Day than he did in his second start of the season. Of course, the Cincinnati hitters will have to tangle with budding Philadelphia ace Aaron Nola, which would be a tough task even if their lineup wasn’t thoroughly depleted.

First pitch is set for 7:05 PM ET. Watch it, or don’t.

Cincinnati Lineup

Philadelphia Lineup

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