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Cactus League Game 24: Reds vs Cubs

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

We are just a bit over a week away from real actual for realsies baseball. It may be a controversial opinion around here, but I think that is a positive development. See, I’m unafraid to say what I think. You can deal with it.

Robert Stephenson straddles the sandhill this evening as he hopes to throw the baseballs some better. So far this spring he has given up as many runs as he has pitched innings, which isn’t good. I mean, spring numbers are just about as whatever as anything can be, but given his status as contender for one of the remaining rotation spots, it probably means the difference between starting the month of April in Cincinnati or Louisville. He appears to be on the outside looking in at this point.

Jon “Vegetable Noggin” Lester starts for the Cubs.

Here’s your lineups and eligible subs and such:

Other Notes

  • Over the weekend, the Reds sent three players out to minor-league camp. Stuart Turner, Jimmy Herget, and Kyle Crockett are no longer with the top squad. Turner was a Rule 5 pick last season and spent the whole year with the Reds. Now that he is no longer beholden to that process, the Reds are free to send him to Louisville. Herget didn’t have much of a shot at starting the season in the big leagues, but my guess is we will see him as one of the first bullpen arms called up early in the summer. Crockett had a decent shot at starting with the Reds, as these things go. He is a lefty with a rough track record as an Indian, but he is also a lefty and the Reds have like only one of those.
  • Amir Garrett spoke out as a solemn defender of the rights and liberties of ballers everywhere, identifying strongly with that movement. He has been a baller since birth, and most effectively this spring.