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Cardinals at Reds, Game 3: Previews and Predictions

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Cardinals @ Cincinnati Reds

1:10 PM ET

Homer Bailey vs. Adam Wainwright

You wouldn’t be blamed if you saw this pitching matchup and thought that you woke up in 2011. This might be a little less high-profile, but there are still some interesting storylines here. Bailey has been a tale of two pitchers so far this year, basically alternating good starts and awful starts lately. He’s due for a stinker today, but can he break his weird streak?

Wainwright has had his injury struggles as well, just coming off of the DL today to make this start. His record looks solid at 11-5, but he’s been the 5th best Cardinals starter so far.

Winner takes the series. Go Reds!