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Reds vs. Pirates, Game 2: Previews and Predictions

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

7:10 PM ET

Luis Castillo vs. Gerrit Cole

Castillo Day!

I bet it was easier to be in Luis Castillo’s position a few weeks ago. Then, he was the only young Reds starter who looked like he was figuring anything out at the major league level, and when he was having his great outings, there was less pressure on him. Now that Romano and Stephenson are starting to come around, Castillo need to keep doing what he’s been doing so he can continue to get these chances as the season winds down. When rosters expand, we’ll see more of guys like Cody Reed and Amir Garrett, and rotation spots will be at a premium.

For the Bucs, we’ll see Gerrit Cole, who is another guy having a solid but unspectacular season. It’s actually unlike Cole, who’s at least had an ERA under 4 before this year.

Go Reds!